Guest Blog: How Shelby Beat Eczema While Going Through College

This guest interview comes courtesy of 22-year-old lifestyle blogger Shelby Burns. You can follow her blog at:

EH (Yiganerjing): What was it like growing up with Eczema?

Shelby: It has been difficult for many reasons. Typical steroid medications never worked for me, and I couldn’t find anything that worked for my eczema, besides soaking in oatmeal baths. I was excited to enter my pre-teens during a time where my friends and I were all excited to experiment with make-up and different skincare products. Unfortunately, because of my condition, I wasn’t able to test as much as I would have liked to due to my eczema and I was nervous I would get flare-ups.

My eczema was manageable in high school, but then it started to appear again once I started college. In college, it became an inconvenience because I love make-up and I wasn’t able to wear as much as I would have liked. It does take a toll on my confidence and can be frustrating at times when interviewing and going to events.

EH: What age did you develop eczema at?

Shelby: I have had eczema since I was 2 years old.

EH: What triggered your eczema and what are your eczema triggers?

Shelby: Dairy, gluten, and inflammatory food. Also I get seasonal allergies.

EH: How is your day to day life affected by eczema?

Shelby: It’s more of an annoyance that I struggle with daily. I practice mindfulness, meditation, and other relaxation methods to help with my stress. I understand that that eczema is a cycle and it comes and will heal eventually.

EH: What does your daily skincare routine look like? What specific products do you use and can’t live without?

Shelby: I start by applying a cold compress onto my eyelids where I tend to get eczema. This helps with any dryness or redness I get throughout the day and restores moisture back into my skin. I like to use natural and fragrance-free soaps, body lotions, and serums. I also use Yiganerjing Miracle Healing cream as a moisturizer and mask treatment.

EH: What are your top 3 skin concerns?

Shelby: Redness, dryness, and cracked skin.

EH: How did you hear about our brand?

Shelby: My roommate saw an advertisement for Yiganerjing and told me about it. I love social media and to support small growing brands. Once I looked into your company and learned that you make natural products, I was convinced to give it a try!

EH: What type of products did you use prior to eczema honey?

Shelby: From a young age, I had seen several different doctors for my condition, and they had prescribed different steroid medications to try. None of the medications worked for me, which was disappointing. I also noticed that when I stopped using the prescriptions, my skin would act up and get worse from withdrawals. That is when I decided to stop using steroid prescriptions and look into a more holistic approach to treatment.

EH: What is your favorite product in our line and why?

Shelby: Yiganerjing Original cream. I love this product because there are so many different ways to use it! I discovered the honey cream during the summer at a time when I had a terrible flare-up. The best feeling coming back from the class was reaching into my fridge and applying the cream to my eczema. It’s moisturizing, cooling, and fixes everything!Before and after shots of Shelby after using Yiganerjing

EH: Did you see a difference in your skin condition after using our products? What results did you see?

Shelby: Yes, I used it on a flare-up, and it helped with itchiness and dryness. It also helps soothe and heal cuts on my skin. 90% of my eczema cleared after using the eczema honey cream.

EH: Any suggestions in terms of any new products that you would like to see from EH? Do you have an Yiganerjing wish list of products you want to try? Do you have an Yiganerjing wish list of products you want to try?

Shelby: I would love it if your brand developed a natural make-up line designed for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Also, sunscreen would be amazing, since I have a hard time finding one that doesn’t break me out or trigger my eczema. 

I have several products on my wish list that I would like to try. EH Premium Witch Hazel and Aloe Spray, EH Soothing Oatmeal Deodorant, and EH Shower Bombs.

EH: How has it been talking about your eczema with your friends, family, fans?

Shelby: It has been easy to connect through social media with my followers and open up with them. I prefer speaking to people who can relate to my experiences and understand what I am going through. I love to educate myself and read about eczema and new methods of treatment. My family and friends are very supportive. My mom has been a superhero when it comes to helping me take care of my skin from a young age. She helps me to research new ways of treating my skin and has looked into new natural forms of managing my eczema. She is my biggest supporter, and if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t think to maintain my skin in a holistic approach.

EH: What advice would you give to people who are also suffering with eczema?

Shelby: Don’t let it stop you from doing anything and take away from your happiness. Embrace your eczema, because its apart of you! Your eczema will come and heal with time but try to listen to your body. Everyone’s eczema is different and can be triggered by many reasons. That is why I believe it’s so important to understand what your body is telling you and once you’ve figured out what works for you, then stick to it!

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