Guest Review: Fighting against Eczema

The below blog post was written by our guest blogger - @wranglingtheles! #repost
*This blog post is 100% my opinion and amazing results since having the product. 
What is Eczema ?
Eczema is another word for Atopic Dermatitis. Although there is no exact cause for Eczema. It is more common in families who have a history of asthma and allergies. It is known for the itchy and inflammation of the skin that can also appear anywhere on the body.
How we found out our children have Eczema:
I first found out about Eczema 4 years ago when my daughter would randomly get patches of red throughout her body. I've spent a ton of money changing soaps and lotions until i actually looked into it and got professional help. Most days were tough with the screaming in pain and itching. Since than we have been using products that have no fragrance or all natural. Today and now being a mother of three children under four. Use the reviews from for my product.
I was so amazed of how well it worked for my 6 month old and also reading everyone's reviews. He gets big patches around his chest which makes him very fussy. It has been a week now and i found the perfect times to apply this smooth applying cream.
I love how this product is non toxic and all natural. A big plus having these products in our home with little ones around. Honey is the main ingredient in this healing cream which has an enzyme that is known to disinfect. The Yiganerjingusa cream is like a 3 in 1 with its Healing, Moisturizing and Disinfecting ingredients. Hooray for no more flakey and red patches of skin. Living in the desert and having a high amount of pollen which also triggers eczema this product will be very beneficial and my favorite product for the Spring and Summer season. The cream is very easy going on and absorbs into the skin forming a natural barrier protecting and holding in moisture.
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