The Yiganerjing Gift Guide: Top Gifts for Fellow Eczema-Sufferers

Typically, we acknowledge that eczema-relief products don’t always make the best gifts. However, there is an exception to this. As eczema-sufferers ourselves, we love to give our products to people who also suffer from eczema. It’s part of our whole eczema information sharing support network. So if you have eczema and also know someone else with eczema and want to give them a gift, here are some products we recommend (including a few of our own!)

A Himalayan Salt Lamp. If you've never seen one, these gorgeous and unique lamps serve multiple purposes. They're known for healing properties derived from the Himalayan salt they're crafted from. They're also beautiful to look at, and they add to the decor of the surroundings. These lamps are known to have healing properties specifically for eczema and other skin conditions. They also help freshen the environment and have whole body health and energy positive benefits.

Yiganerjing Premium Cotton Gloves. When you suffer from eczema, you know that your hands are one of the most susceptible parts of your body. That's because you come into contact with chemicals and other triggers while you're going about your daily life. The Yiganerjing Premium Cotton Gloves will become your go to prevention routine once you've tried them. The gloves are extremely comfortable, easy to wash, and provide the protection you need without getting in the way of your routine.

Eczema Sleeves for Arms and Legs. Created by AD Rescue Wear, we love this product. It's made from a super soft fabric that has anti-itch properties. These sleeves are also made eco-friendly. When you use your favorite eczema treatment lotion or ointment, placing the sleeve over the area will help speed healing. These are a must have for anyone who experiences serious flare-ups on their knees, legs, or arms.

A Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier. Humidifiers are essential for eczema sufferers. They're also very useful for anyone during the cold winter months when skin tends to become dry due to the elements. If you suffer from eczema, it's important to make sure filters and the humidifier is cleaned properly. There are different types of humidifiers but the cool mist version is often cheaper and uses less energy. Warm mist is not recommended for children which is why we'd point out the cool mist so that it's safe for all members of your family.

Eczema Itch Cooling Face and Body Rounds. This is a favorite recommendation for eczema sufferers which is why it makes an awesome gift. It's not terribly well-known so it makes a good "new to you" product that they'll love and often add to their essentials permanently. These cotton rounds are specially treated to offer instant itch relief and cooling. They're available in packages of 50 so that you can carry them with you and have a quick way to sooth pain in an instant, without messy application or the need for any wraps or inconvenient accessories. These wipes are eco-friendly and made with natural ingredients and are gentle enough for everyday use.

Unisex Tencel Eczema Shirt. Another great item made by our friends at AD Rescue Wear. This shirt is made from Tencel, a fabric specially designed for eczema sufferers. It's free of dyes and chemicals for a completely natural way to treat your eczema. The fabric itself is exceptionally soft, making it comfortable enough to wear to bed. It also makes a great piece to use as the under layer for fall and winter weather. If you rub in medicated lotions or other eczema treatments at night, wearing the eczema shirt will allow your treatments to fully penetrate for faster healing.

The Yiganerjing Bath Bundle Set. When you really want to pamper the person, this bath bundle set is the way to go. It's filled with items to help sooth pain and maintain an excellent skincare routine. You'll enjoy the bath bombs for a soothing way to relax in the tub while treating your skin to healthy nourishment that staves off irritation. You'll also enjoy an oatmeal and lavender soap, along with the oatmeal scrub that completely invigorates your skin. This is the perfect bundle for someone new to Yiganerjing products because they'll get the chance to try a few things. Inflammation Reducing Essential Oils and Diffuser. Essential oils help set the mood in your home and offer a lovely scent. Some essential oils are also known for healing and anti-inflammation properties. For eczema sufferers, a new diffuser with essential oils that target and improve inflammation can be an excellent gift (and they smell great, too!) Some essential oils that are anti-inflammatory in nature include: lavender, rose, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil.

Tencel Sheets for Eczema. For an amazing sleep experience, sheets made of Tencel are soft to the touch. They promote amazing comfort, as well as a healing environment for your sensitive skin. 

Gift giving doesn't need to be difficult when the recipient has regular eczema flare-ups. Buying items that are specially made to keep skin healthy is a great way to introduce others to products you love that work well for you. We know that it takes more than just a product to treat eczema though. You can learn about other eczema-relief tip. 

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