Top 10 Eczema Home Remedies

If you're dealing with eczema, you can often feel like you're at the mercy of unknown forces. There are theories as to why some people get eczema and others don't, but there's no known cause or cure. Eczema is thought to be caused by a combination of genetics and environmental factors. You're more likely to develop it if a family member suffers from eczema.

Some people develop these skin irritations when they're quite young and outgrow the symptoms. Others develop eczema much later in life, without any warning signs or history of skin issues. For many, it becomes a chronic condition that flares up periodically throughout their lives.

Your symptoms might range in severity, from a mild rash to very serious scaly skin, itching, and pain. The following home remedies can help you improve your skin overall and stave off future outbreaks.

Top 10 Eczema Home Remedies

Moisturizer. It should come as no surprise that moisturizing is the first line of defense. If possible, choose a cream that's made for eczema. You will likely try a few different kinds before finding a favorite. Moisturizing after your shower or bath can be an excellent way to lock moisture into your skin and help diminish symptoms. Naturally, we recommend our own Yiganerjing Natural Soothing Cream. One of the reasons is that most moisturizers are typically too lightweight to make an impact. 

Bath Bombs. Bath bombs have become a very popular way to unwind at bath time. The good news for eczema sufferers is that these clever, fizzy, colorful bombs don't just make your bath smell nice, many also contain some great moisturizing and healing properties. Look for bath bombs that are soothing. Some may say that they are good for skin conditions, like eczema. It's advised to use bath products in general that have gentle ingredients that don't make your condition worse. In our Yiganerjing Bath Bomb, we used colloidal oatmeal, which is a tried-and-true home remedy for eczema. 

Gloves. Your hands are one of the most susceptible areas on your body because they often come into contact with a lot of the things that trigger the condition. Eczema Gloves protect your hands while you're working with things that might otherwise irritate your skin. If you do have painful outbreaks on your hands, you can also apply moisturizer at night and wear gloves as you sleep to help your moisturizer more deeply penetrate and promote healing.

Eczema Bath Scrub. If your eczema isn't local to one spot on your body, it can be difficult to treat every area from head to toe. A great practice is to take your skin care treatment routine into the bathtub. An eczema bath scrub helps treat the whole body as you bath, so no spots are missed.

Vitamin D. According to the most recent studies, 42% of the population is Vitamin D deficient. This is important to note because Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to and cause some serious health issues, and it's found to contribute to eczema. You can have your doctor test you for Vitamin D deficiency and adding a supplement to your daily routine can provide amazing benefits. You can also use Vitamin D oil topically to aid in healing.

Omega 3. Like Vitamin D, Omega 3 supplements help support a healthy body. They've been proven to boost your immune system and stave off other serious conditions. In a study by Penn State, researchers found that use of Omega 3 supplements helped sufferers significantly reduce the symptoms of eczema. Omega 3 is thought to support healthy skin by improving moisture from within and diminishing inflammation. Adding an Omega 3 supplement to your diet will greatly reduce your symptoms and can help you diminish the number of flare ups you have.

Sunlight. We've been told for many years that sun exposure is bad for the skin and can cause certain skin cancers. So it sounds very strange to say that sunlight is a good treatment for eczema, but it is. Sunlight can help your skin heal and rejuvenate from these flare ups. There's some discussion that the rise in eczema cases may be due to the lack of sun exposure in the population. The sun is also one of the best ways our bodies get Vitamin D naturally, which also helps to reduce eczema flare ups. Discuss sun exposure with your doctor because there are still risks for other illnesses from overexposure to the sun. 

Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent. Laundry detergent can be one of the biggest culprits in instigating eczema flare ups. Cleaning supplies in general can have an impact. It can be useful to go through your cleaning cabinet to see if your favorite products might be causing a problem for you. With laundry detergent, there are often harsh ingredients meant to make clothes smell better or increase the brightness in your fabrics. Remember, you're washing all of your clothes and bedding with this mixture, so using the wrong detergent will impact your continuously. Good detergents to try would be ones meant for sensitive skin, unscented, and with more natural ingredients. You might even use detergents specially made for babies because they tend to use the least harsh ingredients.

Test for Food Allergies and Recognize Triggers. In some cases, eczema flare ups can be caused by existing allergies. Discuss allergy testing with your physician if you think this might be one of your underlying issues. Most sufferers do notice a pattern associated with their outbreaks. When you study the times that your flare ups occur, you'll notice there are common denominators. These are what we call triggers. Triggers might include certain kinds of foods, exposure to chemicals or environmental issues, such as dust or dirt. Pay attention to these flare ups to see if there's something that can be removed from your environment or diet to diminish your symptoms.

Lifestyle Changes. Lifestyle has a huge impact on all facets of your health, including your skin. You should make a conscious effort to add the proper vitamins to your diet, pay attention to things like your water intake, and add some more healthy practices to your lifestyle. This might include exercise or meditation. Stress can be a huge trigger for health issues, including eczema. The nice thing about paying attention to lifestyle changes is that it will improve your whole body health, as well as your skin.

Taking Control of Your Eczema

Like other skin conditions, eczema can impact your confidence and make you uncomfortable in your own skin. We're not supposed to care about the vanity aspects of afflictions but, the honest truth is, clearing up your eczema will make you feel better physically and more confident emotionally.

Because there is no cure, your best line of defense is in building a good skin care routine and learning excellent self care techniques to treat current outbreaks and prevent them in the future. Your doctor can prescribe certain medications and creams to treat serious cases of eczema. Some of these prescriptions do come with side effects, so it's important to look for other, more natural ways to treat your condition when possible. You should also discuss any treatment or therapy you're trying with your physician.


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