About Us

About Us:
We are a group of individuals who have been suffering from Psoriasis, Eczema, Athlete's Foot, and Jock Itch for a number of years.  After years of visiting our family doctors, specialists, spending countless times going and purchasing expensive over-the-counter drugs and medications, we realized that all we were doing was simply insufficient to cure our skin conditions.  Doctors told us to "avoid spicy foods, coffee, citrus fruits, and chocolate", which is unrealistic and not a way to cure a disease so irritable and strong as Eczema/Psoriasis.  So here we are sharing our story with you. 
Below is my story:  
Many creams online are simply in the business to market their products so they can earn your hard earned cash, without actually testing to see how effective their cream actually works.  If you read some their reviews, you will notice complaints that their generic or "organic" creams actually made their conditions worse.  Or, as was the case with my experience, it came back as soon as you stopped using the cream.
Yiganerjing on the other hand has gained its popularity not through marketing, but through simple word of mouth on consumers who saw their eczema, psoriasis, athlete's foot, or other skin conditions healed in a matter of days of using this cream.  The beauty of this cream is that it is so effective that you do not need to use as much or as often as all the other generic or "organic" creams that are being sold.  
My own personal story started back in 2011 when I had psoriasis on a sensitive area of my buttocks.  For years, I tried to live through the constant itching, particularly at night time or after eating spicy foods, coffee, tomato's, or chocolate.  I tried everything on the store at my local pharmacy.  I even went to my family doctor and a specialist doctor (after months of being on the waiting list) who embarrassingly inspected my buttocks, only to tell me that she did not see a problem.  Can you imagine the time and money I spent trying to cure myself of daily itching and irritation by trusting my family doctor and a host of over-the-counter products that claimed to help me?
In late 2018, nearly 7 years of silent suffering from skin irritation, I had just about enough and realized that if I were going to cure myself, I need to take matters into my own hands.  A month of research, I got my answer and found Yiganerjing Cream that people were raving about.
I was not lucky at first, however.  I ended up purchasing multiple look-alike products that did not work, multiple products that looked like it was already tampered by someone else, or products that simply did not work.
Luckily, after a long-intensive search, I ended up finding a supplier who actually manufactured the original product and was upset to see so many fakes.

What this platform seeks to accomplish is to ensure you are getting the original Yiganerjing product with quality inspection.  Our products are shipped from Canada to your door, ensuring a fast delivery.